Video | Fusion Studios - Part 3


  • Billboard Rewards Commercial

    Billboard Rewards Commercial

    This is a commercial featuring a spokesperson and a variety of supporting footage throughout the video. It was done using green screen technique.

  • Zest Nutrition

    Zest Nutrition

    This is a TV-style segment where products are featured in a 30 to 60 seconds clip. We show close up B-roll of the product during the segment as well as the host interacting with the audience.

  • Keynote Speaker ShowReel

    Keynote Speaker ShowReel

    This a compilation of recordings featuring keynote speakers filmed with 1 to 4 cameras

  • NorthWestern Mutual Motion Graphics Promo

    NorthWestern Mutual Motion Graphics Promo

    Motion Graphics and great footage make this promotional video a very snappy way to attract visitors

  • Tour Latino Promo 2016

    Tour Latino Promo 2016

    This video shows the highlights of the event including the starting point, riders passing through different seccions of the race and more.

  • Instructional Video

    Instructional Video

    The beach bobber is a devise used to hold you in one place when you are on a beach mattress. This video shows step by step instructions.

  • Music Concert Promo

    Music Concert Promo

    This video highlights some of the repertoire of the band for promotional use.

  • Drone Video and Photo

    Drone Video and Photo

    This is a reel highlighting some clips done with our drone camera. We film landscapes, city views, Real Estate locations, and a variety of other shots.