Video | Fusion Studios - Part 2


  • Madame Tussauds-Case Study

    Madame Tussauds-Case Study

    This is a case study showing what Holovis installed at the museum.

  • Planter Plus Infomercial

    Planter Plus Infomercial

    This is a product infomercial style. The scene show the benefits of the product

  • Tropical Ford TV Commercial

    Tropical Ford TV Commercial

    This is a TV commercial promoting a new promotion for Ford vehicles. We used motion graphics and dynamic editing to make the TV spot appealing to the audience's eye.

  • Más Orlando Promo

    Más Orlando Promo

    This is a green screen video with animated motion graphics and a dynamic edit with fun music.

  • Convention Event Highlights

    Convention Event Highlights

    This highlights video features all of the events taken place during a conference at the convention center.

  • Antolini- Converings

    Antolini- Converings

    In this video, we are featuring a variety of granite stones featured at a convention booth. We added a nice musical beat, transitions and cinematic movement to make the video look and feel sleek.

  • Cedar Point Augmented Reality - App Promo

    Cedar Point Augmented Reality – App Promo

    The award-winning app that Holovis launched last year offering activities in mobile devices at the park.

  • Timelapse Promo Video

    Timelapse Promo Video

    This promotional shows an installation process using the time-lapse footage