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  • Nigerian Flavors-Ola Bello

    Nigerian Flavors-Ola Bello

    This is an award-winning mini-documentary where we follow the story of Ola Bello owner of Flavors Nigeria, a restaurant in Orlando.

  • Tactile Medical Testimonial

    Tactile Medical Testimonial

    This is an award-winning testimonial mini-documentary style project where we follow Pastor Sonya on a journey to claiming back her life after a cancer diagnosis.

  • Int'l Pastry Chef Competition

    Int’l Pastry Chef Competition

    This is an award-winning video featuring the USA team presented at THE COUPE DU MONDE in France (Cooking Competition)

  • E-One Fire Trucks

    E-One Fire Trucks

    This is a testimonial from the Paco County fire dept. for E-One fire trucks. A drone was also used in this project.

  • Primo Management TV

    Primo Management TV

    This is a fully produced TV commercial with actors, location, and a specific script. Filmed in one day and edited for a 30 seconds commercial.

  • Cooking Show SMSF

    Cooking Show SMSF

    Live show with 4 cameras featuring recipes and a good time between friend and celebrity chef Emily Ellyn.

  • Mayor Buddy Dyer Interview

    Mayor Buddy Dyer Interview

    This video features Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer talking about how the NEC is helping the local economy grow.

  • Hole In One-Paula Creamer

    Hole In One-Paula Creamer

    This is a short video promo inviting people to join and activity