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Location scouting for a music video

Location scouting for a music video

Music videos are great marketing for musicians and with it comes a lot more planning. Just recently our video production company was asked to film a music video and after our first pre-production meeting, we went location scouting to shoot some of the scenes at. This particular music video has no side story and the artist will be featured […]

We are live on the PTA (PlanesTrains+Automobiles)

We are live on the PTA (PlanesTrains+Automobiles)

We are proud to present where one of Fusion Studios video productions is being featured and you can find this micro documentary in the episode 7 of the first season of a show called Postcard. The show is broadcasted through PTA InFlight  exclusively on Delta Air Lines Studio Worldwide where 14 Million Flyers have chosen […]

That 60’s show promotional video

As always, Fusion Studios brings you its video production material in Orlando. ‘That 60’s Show’ was a blast that evening in the Theater for the Performing Arts at South Florida State College. Two of our videographers filmed a packed house that welcomed to the show with a warm introduction by SFSC Director of Cultural Affairs […]

Karluca working on the soundtrack for the film Los Ocho

Last month, Karluca, music composer at fusion Studios, started working on the music for the new out coming film called “Los Ocho” directed by Famor Botero. In this photo we can see Karluca working with a group of excellent musicians during the recording session of the song “America es una sola” written by Loly and […]

“Heart” Documentary – Alberto Gomez – Shooting day with Fusion Studios and Famor Botero

This photo shows the team in charged of filming “Heart”. This beautiful documentary features in film a variety of well renown Central Florida artists that have and continue contributing to our local artistic movement. All of this with the purpose of creating the first Documentary that will be presented at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts […]