Video Production

Fusion Studios offer a full video production service in Orlando. Our team will collaborate and develop an audio-visual product that will represent and describe your business accurately. It all begins with the pre-production process where our team will talk with the client to get a better idea of the product, service, and the business to describe or market in the video. Our team will write an outline of your idea in the form of a script, suggesting locations and times to shoot, the type of equipment that needs to be used, production timeline, and all the logistics of the project.

Once the shoot is set up, our staff moves on to production where we actually record everything on camera. Our team will make sure that the cinematography, audio, lights, art, effects, as well as directing, will be in place at the time of shooting.

Fusion Studios provides a full post-production team that will mold and refine your video, with tools such as:

  • video editing
  • videographer
  • sound editing
  • graphics and compositing
  • media management and customized
  • music composition

After your video project is finalized, it’s important to now place it on the right platforms to start attracting viewers.

Types of videos:

small-business-video CORPORATE PROMO – Fusion Studios offers professionally produced corporate videos at a very competitive price. Fusion Studios will develop the perfect video to fit its client’s needs by involving the client in key moments of the process but without taking extended amounts of time from them.
More Info

motion graphics videoMOTION GRAPHIC VIDEO– If the client does not want a filmed video, an Animated marketing video offers an alternative solution. The Animated video style focuses on motion graphics and captions with voice over narration and music to convincingly showcase the company’s service or product. This video style is powerful, attractive, and dynamic. It engages decision makers and makes it easy for them to understand and remember what you offer.More Info

Event videoEVENT VIDEO– This type of video is great to show your clients and potential clients how you and your company are connecting with the community whether be a dinner event, a convention event or a networking event. Also, the video will show important people attending, decor, entertainment, and more.More Info

full-production-commercialFULL PRODUCTION TV/WEB COMMERCIALS– This type of video will impress and easily engage your audience. A full production commercial includes a professional team of creative people and actors that will tell your story while delivering your brand’s core values. This type of video will create a clear recognition of your brand.More Info

Propety showcasePROPERTY SHOWCASE VIDEO– An interactive video will engage, as well as showcase a property as if the person was right inside the property. Unlike a simple picture slideshow or a 360 virtual tour, a video captures a unique and real experience. Our team will film on location and work their magic by adding music, exciting transitions, descriptive titles, and more in our editing room. This will save you time and money by not having to show the property multiple times to non-serious buyers.More Info

Festival video coverageFESTIVAL VIDEO– Festival videos are great to feature the highlights of the event. By creating a video with a cinematic film, good music and professional editing, will help you attract more people to the next year’s festival. Our whole team is available to cover small to large festivals locally and nationally.More Info

Human resorces VideosHUMAN RESOURCES VIDEO– This type of videos are great to inform every member of your organization about important quarterly information or new company policies put in place. Perfect to play through your intranet or TV’s around the company to keep everyone up to date.

Training videosTRAINING VIDEO– Our company offers a complete range of training and recruitment videos designed to improve your workforce knowledge and increase their awareness and motivation. These videos are perfect for HR departments, retail companies, educational institutions, trainers, and more.

lobby-waiting-room-videoLOBBY/WAITING ROOM VIDEO– Our videos are customized to our client’s needs whether it be in the medical field or a corporate environment. A lobby video turns waiting time into educational and/or selling time. This type of video is very popular and many small and big companies often use it.

slideshow-videoSLIDESHOW VIDEO– Our team will create a dynamic slideshow to showcase photos in a more interactive way. You can show properties, products, locations and even a profile slide show that will highlight someone’s life in a few minutes. Our team will take your simple PowerPoint slideshow and transform it into a beautiful animated slideshow video.

testimonial Jerry RossVIDEO TESTIMONIAL– There is nothing better to describe your company, products, or services than your existing clients. Your Client will talk on camera about how well your company worked for them, how you help them improve their company, what great value you offered, how good your team was to work with, and any other information you think is important to be mentioned in the video.

customed_youtube_channel YOUTUBE CHANNEL CREATION– Our team will create and customize your company’s YouTube Channel. Your company’s logo and corporate color will be used to match your current website and corporate image. Important information can be featured on your channel; website link, description of your company, key words, contact information and social media links. A custom YouTube Channel link will also be created. For example WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/YOURCOMPANYNAME

Having a video online has become a must for all businesses that want to be recognized in the marketplace


VIDEO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION– . Fusion Studios offers video to help you and your business improve the SEO helping your business increase your company’s ranking in all of the top search engines. A recent study by Unruly media found that “viewers who enjoyed the video they watched demonstrated 139% higher brand association, 97% higher purchase intent, 35% higher brand favorability, and 14% higher brand recall than their counterparts who did not enjoy the video”. In other words, having a video on your website will boost the possibilities of attracting new customers. We distribute your videos to the top video sharing sites to get the maximum exposure online.

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