Los Ocho -Theatrical Trailer- Directed by Famor Botero

Fusion Studios has been grateful to be part of the team that put together the theatrical trailer for the film Los Ocho directed by Famor Botero. The Music in the trailer was composed by Karluca and the editing and motion graphics by Fusion Studios.

A simple encounter magically marked by the number 8 unites a group of people who happen to be riding a bus in the City of Miami. It is morning time, when Carlos, a Bus Driver, encounters a crowd celebrating on the street in the middle of his route. All of a sudden we realize the passengers are no longer strangers. They share the desire of seeing their loved ones, the struggle for a life with equity, the hope for a better future as they celebrate with more than eleven million people the passage of a miracle called Immigration Reform.

Los Ocho – Short Film
Produced By Hernan Caporaso & Christian Carabias In Association with Famor Botero


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