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  • Orlando Video Production- Reel 2017

    Orlando Video Production- Reel 2017

    This shows clips of some of the projects we worked on during 2016-2017.

  • Cedar Point Augmented Reality - App Promo

    Cedar Point Augmented Reality – App Promo

    The award-winning app that Holovis launched last year offering activities in mobile devices at the park.

  • Event Video ThermoFisher

    Event Video ThermoFisher

    This video shows the coverage of an event with testimonials and networking afterwards during a sales training meeting,

  • Mayor Buddy Dyer Interview

    Mayor Buddy Dyer Interview

    This video features Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer talking about how the NEC is helping the local economy grow.

  • Video production in Orlando Reel 2016

    Video production in Orlando Reel 2016

    A fast of some of the video production projects done in Orlando and other places in the USA during the 2015 year.

  • Tropical Ford TV Commercial

    Tropical Ford TV Commercial

    This is a TV commercial promoting a new promotion for ford vehicles. It also includes a silly sketch.

  • Interview-Testimonial video

    Interview-Testimonial video

    Two cameras filming a testimonial video talking about the home buying experience with Lennar.

  • Convention Event Highlights

    Convention Event Highlights

    This highlights video features all of the events taken place during a conference at the convention center.

  • Corporate Promotional

    Corporate Promotional

    A corporate video that talks about how this organization is impacting the local economy.

  • Golf Event Promotional

    Golf Event Promotional

    An event in the Villages promoting products. Includes testimonials, interviews and slow-motion clips.

  • Gathering Research Promo

    Gathering Research Promo

    This is a promotional video using motion graphics with the help of high-quality stock footage.

  • Timelapse Promo Video

    Timelapse Promo Video

    This promotional shows an installation process using the time-lapse footage

  • Billboard Rewards Commercial

    Billboard Rewards Commercial

    This is a commercial featuring a spokesperson and a variety of supporting footage throughout the video. It was done using green screen technique.

  • Convention Booth Promo video

    Convention Booth Promo video

    A promotional video filmed during a convention at the client's booth

  • Balance Orlando Massage

    Balance Orlando Massage

    A perfect example for a web commercial where the services are highlighted visually and a voice over carries on all the information needed to describe the business.

  • Keynote Speaker ShowReel

    Keynote Speaker ShowReel

    This a compilation of recordings featuring keynote speakers filmed with 1 to 4 cameras

  • NEC Promo Commercial

    NEC Promo Commercial

    The National Entrepreneur Center wanted a video that could show their location and the services they offer to small business.

  • Maid to Clean Commercial

    Maid to Clean Commercial

    This is a web commercial produced by Fusion Studios for Maid to Clean. Maid to Clean is a cleaning service company in Orlando. It highlights services, products and more.

  • NorthWestern Mutual Motion Graphics Promo

    NorthWestern Mutual Motion Graphics Promo

    Motion Graphics and great footage make this promotional video a very snappy way to attract visitors

  • Tour Latino Promo 2016

    Tour Latino Promo 2016

    This video shows the highlights of the event including the starting point, riders passing through different seccions of the race and more.

  • Instructional Video

    Instructional Video

    The beach bobber is a devise used to hold you in one place when you are on a beach mattress. This video shows step by step instructions.

  • Presentation with Slides

    Presentation with Slides

    This is a video with a presentation including a powerpoint presentation.

  • Castaner Insurance Agency Video

    Castaner Insurance Agency Video

    Mrs. Julie Castaner From Castaner Insurance Agency talks about the Obama Care reform in this video.

  • Kyle Davis Presentation

    Kyle Davis Presentation

    A presentation video will allow you to connect face to face with your audience. this type of video is filmed on green screen and helped with motion texts.

  • App Instructional Video

    App Instructional Video

    An 2D animated video describing step by step process of buying a home with a particular twist.

  • Music Concert Promo

    Music Concert Promo

    This video highlights some of the repertoire of the band for promotional use.

  • Rock Band Promo

    Rock Band Promo

    This is the promotional video promo for the concert revealing the sounds and style the band is proposing with its music.

  • Guang Ming Temple Orlando

    Guang Ming Temple Orlando

    A showcase of a beautiful temple in Orlando FL. Its amazing energy is part of the ambiance you can feel inside this temple.

  • Kerinver 30 secs commercial

    Kerinver 30 secs commercial

    This is the typical TV commercial in this case for a Chiropractor. This type of video could also be used for intro video in your website.