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  • Video production in Orlando Reel 2016

    Video production in Orlando Reel 2016

    A fast of some of the video production projects done in Orlando and other places in the USA during the 2015 year.

  • Event Video ThermoFisher

    Event Video ThermoFisher

    This video shows the coverage of an event with testimonials and networking afterwards during a sales training meeting,

  • Tropical Ford TV commercial 2015

    Tropical Ford TV commercial 2015

    This is a TV commercial promoting a new promotion for ford vehicles. It also includes a silly sketch.

  • Corporate Promotional

    Corporate Promotional

    A corporate video that talks about how this organization is impacting the local economy.

  • Maid to Clean Commercial

    Maid to Clean Commercial

    This is a web commercial produced by Fusion Studios for Maid to Clean. Maid to Clean is a cleaning service company in Orlando. It highlights services, products and more.

  • HBCE 2015 Highlights

    HBCE 2015 Highlights

    We shot the promo video for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Expo. Images, editing and motion graphics come together in this video to keep the viewer engaged at all times.

  • Mayor Buddy Dyer Interview

    Mayor Buddy Dyer Interview

    This video features Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer talking about how the NEC is helping the local economy grow.

  • Holovis - The theam park experience

    Holovis – The theam park experience

    Introducing the world's first interactive gaming solution in a 3D dome and we created this promotional video

  • Guang Ming Temple Orlando

    Guang Ming Temple Orlando

    A showcase of a beautiful temple in Orlando FL. Its amazing energy is part of the ambiance you can feel inside this temple.

  • Balance Orlando Massage

    Balance Orlando Massage

    A perfect example for a web commercial where the services are highlighted visually and a voice over carries on all the information needed to describe the business.

  • NEC Promo Commercial

    NEC Promo Commercial

    The National Entrepreneur Center wanted a video that could show their location and the services they offer to small business.

  • Keynote Speaker Video

    Keynote Speaker Video

    The smallbiz360 was an event the brought keynote speakers to talk about subjects concerned to small business and more.

  • Convention Event Highlights

    Convention Event Highlights

    This highlights video features all of the events taken place during a conference at the convention center.

  • Billboard Rewards Commercial

    Billboard Rewards Commercial

    This is a commercial featuring a spokesperson and a variety of supporting footage throughout the video. It was done using green screen technique.

  • Tour Latino Promo 2016

    Tour Latino Promo 2016

    This video shows the highlights of the event including the starting point, riders passing through different seccions of the race and more.

  • Instructional Video

    Instructional Video

    The beach bobber is a devise used to hold you in one place when you are on a beach mattress. This video shows step by step instructions.

  • Testimonial Video

    Testimonial Video

    Testimonials a perfect to bring credibility to your website and to your company. This is an example of a testimonial where the couple is talking about the home builder Lennar Homes.

  • Presentation with Slides

    Presentation with Slides

    This is a video with a presentation including a powerpoint presentation.

  • Castaner Insurance Agency Video

    Castaner Insurance Agency Video

    Mrs. Julie Castaner From Castaner Insurance Agency talks about the Obama Care reform in this video.

  • Kyle Davis Presentation

    Kyle Davis Presentation

    A presentation video will allow you to connect face to face with your audience. this type of video is filmed on green screen and helped with motion texts.

  • App Instructional Video

    App Instructional Video

    An 2D animated video describing step by step process of buying a home with a particular twist.

  • Mr. Credit Orlando

    Mr. Credit Orlando

    This video is a fast pace explanation on how people can repair their credit score. Most of the video has dynamic motion graphics that keep the viewer engaged at all times.

  • Music Concert Promo

    Music Concert Promo

    This video highlights some of the repertoire of the band for promotional use.

  • Rock Band Promo

    Rock Band Promo

    This is the promotional video promo for the concert revealing the sounds and style the band is proposing with its music.

  • Reel 2014

    Reel 2014

    These are some of the projects done during the first half of 2014. this reel includes commercials, events, corporate videos and more.

  • Kerinver 30 secs commercial

    Kerinver 30 secs commercial

    This is the typical TV commercial in this case for a Chiropractor. This type of video could also be used for intro video in your website.